Welcome to NewMarket Health

Who We Are

NewMarket Health is a publishing and supplement company located in Baltimore, MD.

For almost two decades, we've been cutting through the red tape — reporting on proven, natural cures and turning breakthrough ideas into cutting-edge health solutions.

Whether reporting on a new cure from the Amazon or discovering a new ingredient that will help our customers get better results, we believe in producing quality editorial and developing products that will have a profound effect on our customers’ lives.

To learn more about our brands and product mix, check out our Natural Health Products and Publications page.
Natural Health Products and Publications

"The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team."

—Phil Jackson

Our Team

Our business is successful because of the hard work and the dedication of the people in it. We continue to expand and outperform our competitors because we work hard... but we like to have fun too. When we’re not busy at the office, you’ll often find us...


A few times throughout the year we offer optional volunteer outings. Whether it’s sorting donated toys for the Salvation Army’s annual Elf Night or serving meals at My Sister’s place, we believe it’s important to give back to our community.

Watching O’s Games

We believe spending time outside of the office only helps improve our bond. We attend Oriole’s games, take group outings, get together for happy hours, and have a monthly team breakfast.

Hitting Home Runs

When we’re not hitting home runs through our marketing efforts, you can find members of our team swinging for the fences in a local social league. We’ve played together as a softball team for years and actually like spending time together off the clock.

Celebrating Each Other

Birthdays, weddings, babies... We know that life is filled with many happy occasions and we like to celebrate milestones in each other’s lives. You’ll often find a desk decorated with balloons and birthday memes or an invitation in your inbox for a baby shower or two.

Our Culture

At NewMarket Health we believe...

That the team comes first

We believe that our best ideas come from people who are encouraged, respected, and trusted. It's part of our job to help you grow here at NewMarket. We'll make sure you are given the tools needed to be the best employee (and person) you can be.

That an idea can come from any one at any level

Whether you've worked with the company for 20 years, or just 2 months... we want to hear what you think. We meet monthly as a team to talk about how we're growing as a business and to brainstorm our next big initiatives.

We are our biggest competition

We believe in becoming a better version of who we were yesterday. We believe in testing and constantly trying to outdo ourselves. We know that we must keep learning to grow.

It’s ok to fail

If we’re giving you room to test brilliant ideas... they won’t all work, but it’s important for you to keep trying. We believe it’s okay to fail, but fail quickly and learn from it.

You don't need to sit in a cubicle or wear a suit and tie to come up with a brilliant idea

In fact, we think those things stifle creativity. Our workplace is casual, relaxed, and designed to promote innovation.

That innovation is vital to our success

We’re not interested in the status quo, and we believe in improving and creating products that will have a profound impact on our customers’ lives. To do that, we know that we can’t stand still. It is part of our job to continually ask, “How can we do this better?”